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Bioprodukte und nachhaltige Erzeugnisse
Allergene & Diäthinweise
Hampstead Tea
34 Cranfield innovation Centre
GB-MK43 0BT Cranfield
Tel: 0044/1908583701
Mail: sales@hampsteadtea.com
Web: www.hampsteadtea.com

Regenerative is in our DNA.  From when we started put in 1995, we were committed  to sponsor the certification of the first biodynamic Tea estate in the world.  Today 30% of Darjeeling tea gardens are organic and many are following the biodynamic approach.  We eschewed plastic packaging staying with loose leaf tea only until a solution was found to plastic tea bags.  We were again the first to import a tea bagging machine into the Uk that could pack this kind of Tea bag.. Our Teas taste doifferent from others as we work with our partners to achieve the quality we want to drink ourselves, so that our Tea products arent bought in auctions, from middlemen etc.  they come direct from the gardens made for our consumers. They  are soft tasting as they are slow grown in hilly regions, they are never chemically treated and this means the real tea taste shines through.  We are the first independent biodynamic tea company and we put biodyanmic and regenerative agrcuilture at the heart of everything we do.
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